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5 Exterior Paint Colour Ideas to Give Your Home a Fresh Look

Increase your curb appeal with these exterior wall paint colour ideas!

The exteriors of your home are more vulnerable to weather conditions and suffer greater wear and tear than the interior walls. The colours of your exterior walls also need careful consideration because they make the first impression of your home. Choose paints that not only protect your walls from the harshest vagaries of nature, but also provide a durable and unique look. Berger exterior paints are specially developed to protect your exteriors from extreme heat, dust, dirt, and efflorescence. These eco-friendly paints are good for your walls and available in thousands of shades to choose from.

The traditional practice of painting the exteriors in lighter shades of blue and green and yellow is being fast replaced by popular and bold exterior wall paint colour ideas. The whites have given way to more confident, statement-making palettes on the sidings and trims. The wooden appearance of the front door can also be replaced with a stunning shade. Choosing a vibrant colour combination is the way to go for that luxurious appeal. You can choose from various colour ideas for exterior house painting but select one that speaks of your unique personality and style. see more : paint colours for home for luck

  • Bright Shades of Luxury Emulsions for High-Rainfall Areas

Before choosing an exterior paint colour, it’s important to ensure the walls don’t have cracks or seepage. For this, proper preparation is needed, so that the walls can withstand extreme heat and water infiltration. If not done properly, water can seep into your interior walls and ruin the luxurious look of your home. What’s worse is that high moisture makes your exterior walls the perfect breeding grounds for fungus and other microbes. This not only makes your walls look musty and ugly, but also leads to health issues for your family. 

Experts typically advise the use of Berger’s WeatherCoat Long Life 10, India’s most innovative exterior paint that has been designed using PU and silicon technology. This Green Pro certified emulsion is suitable for homes in areas that receive heavy rainfall and comes with a 10-year performance warranty. Choose bright colours to keep away the rainy-day blues. Paint the exteriors with a vibrant yellow and use dark blue to define the windowpanes, porch railing and the border of the roof. Else you can use violet or orange and pair it with a milder cream for a very classy look.

  • Dark Shades to Keep Away Dust Mites

Did you know that the mid-ranged hues of the colour spectrum attract the most dust mites? This is because they absorb a good amount of sunlight. If you are living in an area that is prone to dust storms, the first thing to do is to choose Berger’s WeatherCoat Anti Dustt, an innovative product manufactured with unique Dust Guard technology that prevents dust from settling on your exterior walls and keeps your house looking fresh and shining for years. This high sheen emulsion comes with a 5-year performance warranty and a Green pro certification. 

When choosing colours, try going monochromatic with browns. You can choose dark browns for pillars and balconies, while using light brown for the main wall surface. Else a combination of dark and light green also looks fabulous.

  • Paints with Elastomeric Properties

Another common problem with the exteriors is the cracks that often appear due to water infiltration and other reasons. Besides choosing a colour that does not highlight the cracks, you can choose Berger’s WeatherCoat Long Life Flexo, which has elastomeric properties that cover hairline cracks. The silicon additives in this specially designed paint protect the walls from heavy rains and come with superior dust resistance. An exterior paint colour combination of cream and gold takes the luxurious look to the next level. Use gold sparingly though. For instance, if you have large pillars, they can be cream and the decorations on top can be with gold. Else, the windows can be outlined with gold. You could even try light green and gold for the ultimate opulent look to your exteriors.

  • Pastel Shades to Keep Your Exteriors Cool

Living in an area that has extreme heat? Choosing pastel shades like pink, mauve, baby blue, mint green, and peach for the exterior walls is a great idea. Pastels are not boring, if you know how to pair them well with other beautiful hues. A light blue can be paired with charcoal and white to give a classy look. You can paint most of the house in a lemony yellow and paint window shutters in different colours like dark grey, navy blue, and red. This is a great balance between sober and playful. 

  • Stone Textures in Greys and Browns

Another way to hide the surface imperfections of your exteriors for years to come is to use texture paints that provide a unique and beautiful finish. Berger’s Ruff N Tuff-Scratch is a trowel applied synthetic grooved finish texture that is formulated with modified acrylic emulsion and reinforced with quartz aggregates to withstand humidity, rain, and variable climates. You can choose the highly durable, low VOC stone finish option for a sophisticated look. 

Another idea for exterior paint colours to enhance the aesthetics of your home is Berger’s Florentina Glitteratti, a multi-coloured luxury texture with a glitter effect. This synthetic natural stone-like textured finish provides a decorative effect that will enhance the style quotient of your exteriors.

Experts can thoroughly inspect your exterior walls and recommend scientifically developed solutions for waterproofing and painting. You can even use tools like Virtual Painter and Preview Facility to choose the best Berger Paints exterior colour combination for your home.

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