5 Common Benefits of Your Employees Wearing Hi-Vis Clothing

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One of the steps employers take to keep employees in certain industries safe and visible is the implementation of the right type of safety clothing. 

The most common safety clothing item used across various industries is the popular and colourful hi vis vest. Made in a variety of styles and colours, it’s quite easy to find the perfect hi-vis vest for just about any industry.

What Clothes are Regarded as Hi-Vis?

Essentially, hi-vis clothing is designed to make the wearer more visible on the job site. For the most part, this protective type of clothing is made from bright, fluorescent fabrics that are primarily designed to reflect light. 

Hi vis clothing can be vests, jackets or even striped coveralls. The traditional colours are orange and yellow although green, blue and pink are accepted in some industries.

Hi Vis Clothes: Several Benefits in the Work Environment

Hi vis clothing is a regulated requirement in many industries. Aside from being regarded as part of many uniforms, there are several benefits to wearing hi vis clothing in the workspace, including the following. 

Increased Visibility

The word hi vis comes from the term “hi-visibility” and the most prominent reason to wear this type of clothing is the visibility it gives employees. Whether employees are wearing jackets, t-shirts or vests made from neon hi vis fabrics, the reflective accents make them visible to other people. 

This is particularly helpful for people working in high-traffic areas, on construction sites or even warehouse and factory environments. Employees with hi vis clothing become more visible to drivers in vehicles and heavy machinery. The bright colours of make employees easily recognisable in normal daylight as well as in low-light settings. 

Comfortable Way to Identify Employees

The hi vis vest options are increasingly popular even outside working conditions. This is a common alternative to heavy jackets and work suits that make employees uncomfortable in the hot sun. 

Hi vis vests can easily fit over jackets, coveralls or simple t-shirts. Some hi vis options are waterproof and ideal for jobs in wet environments. Since employees are not likely to wear hi vis clothing during their off time, you can safely assume that a person you come across wearing one, is associated with the job site. 

Differentiates Various Departments

An advantage of wearing hi-vis clothes is that they come in an assortment of bright colours. This means that an environment with various teams or departments can allocate distinct colours to each group. 

The most prominent colours are yellow and orange, but blue, green, pink and even purple are common hues used to differentiate different teams. Having each team in its own colour makes it easy for other employees to find the right team to assist or deliver messages to. 

Create Brand Identity

Many companies take the initiative to add a company or department logo or ID badges to their hi vis vests. It’s the ideal way to add business branding to the clothing items that are most commonly seen. 

Employees that deal with potential customers, suppliers or manufacturers wearing regulated, branded hi vis vests look professional. It shows your brand can be trusted. 

Can Be Worn at Night 

Sometimes, working overtime is unavoidable. But it becomes riskier for employees to work at night if they aren’t clearly visible. 

Accidents are more likely to happen if machine operators or vehicle drivers can’t see workers walking around on the job site. A great benefit of the reflective accents and bright colours on the hi vis vests and clothing is the illumination even during low-light times. So, even if your employees are working in a dark premises, it’s much easier to see them! 

Safety Tips to Follow When Wearing Hi Vis Clothing

Consider these following safety tips when wearing hi vis vests to ensure your safety clothing has the desired effect.

  • Wear the correct size: Hi vis clothing that’s an incorrect size won’t have the required safety effect. Safety stripes won’t be as easily seen on a loose-fitting garment that has multiple folds.
  • Ensure your hi vis clothing is in good condition: Hi vis clothing with tears or holes won’t show up their reflective stripes or markings as easily. 
  • Avoid wearing loose jewellery: Avoid wearing accessories if you have reflective stripes on your sleeves, jacket or vest. Loose jewellery and accessories can easily get caught up in machinery. 
  • Don’t wear loose-fitting clothing underneath your hi vis vests: Loose clothing can billow in a gust of wind and obstruct your hi vis vest. This will make you less visible to other employees. 

Final Thought

Wearing hi vis clothing is the perfect way to identify staff working across your work site. Not only will you be adhering to Australian workplace regulations, but you’ll also be one step closer to keeping your employees safe. 

With hi vis clothing being available in jackets, shirts, coveralls and shirts made of striped hi vis fabrics it’s easy to find the right type of clothing for any weather condition or application. You and your team can even look stylish! 

Get your employees to wear hi-vis clothes so they stand out for all the right reasons! 

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