5 Benefits of Passing Examsnap Cisco 200-901 Test and Obtaining the Certification

Cisco certifications are among the most demanded networking credentials an IT professional could bear in this day and age. While giving you a solid set of skills and extensive knowledge, they also establish this fact in the eyes of recruiters and your future employers.

With the introduction of the Certbolt DevNet path, now software professionals also have an opportunity to become Cisco accredited. This program allows you to learn and practice a valued mix of skills that can help you stand out from your peers. So, what are the main details of the DevNet Associate badge offered by this tech giant and how to earn it? Let’s find it out below.

Main Features of the Certification

By earning the Examsnap Cisco DevNet Associate badge, CCNP Certification in Madrid you validate your ability to efficiently develop and manage applications built on Cisco platforms. Cisco declares that a minimum of one year of software development experience, while not compulsory, will be beneficial. The only requirement for this certification is acing 200-901 exam. It is a 120-minute assessment that will test your knowledge in Cisco services, APIs, app development, and more. Still, to get motivated, you might need some more reasons. And you can find them below!

Top 5 Benefits of Taking 200-901 Exam and Getting Certified

1. Get recognized faster

There are a large number of software developers working with Cisco platforms but not all of them have exceptional skills. Now, you can become a more valuable asset for your company by gaining up-to-date competencies and validating them through 200-901 assessment. The badge you will earn will show that you can utilize the full power of Cisco products, thereby making you a sought-after professional in the industry.

2. Earn a remarkable salary

The average salary of a Examsnap Cisco certified professional at the associate level is about $79k annually according to PayScale. This figure will continue to improve as you gain more experience and expand your skillset, which is what the DevNet credentials provide.

3. Open yourself up to a wealth of opportunities

As a software developer with Examsnap DevNet Associate, you will possess rare and modern knowledge that is highly demanded today. So, once you are certified, you will be able to explore local and global landscapes rife with career prospects. Also, with the continuous innovation of Cisco Systems and the consistent growth of the IT industry throughout the world, the need for IT professionals will only continue to increase. Considering this, job security is guaranteed visit

4. Develop confidence in your skills

To become a Certified DevNet Associate, you need to prove your understanding of software development, Cisco platforms, automation, network security, and various other topics included in 200-901 outline. Learning all this is no easy feat, therefore achieving the passing grade in the test will develop your confidence as a top IT professional.

5. Enjoy multiple avenues for growth

You don’t need to stop at Examsnap DevNet Associate. Once you get used to your new middle-level responsibilities, there is a wide array of Cisco certifications that you can pursue to expand your competence further. One such is DevNet Professional, which is the natural next step in the progression.


The Cisco DevNet Associate certification is ideal for software specialists who are looking to boost their careers by getting eligible for a wider range of jobs. Moreover, this badge can bring other benefits such as a salary rise and better odds of promotion. And the only thing you have to do is to pass 200-901 exam. So, stop procrastinating and start your journey!

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