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There are plenty of ways to layer your rings. Try stacking them in any order you prefer, then rotate the middle setting to accentuate whichever rings look the best. Here are a few of our favorite looks to get you started… PRINTS Great for fashionistas who love a color clash, this is one of our favorite looks! Layer a white and gold ring on top of a black ring. Your next two choices will be red and silver, for another color clash. Top it off with a white and silver ring for a sleek finish! GOLD AND BRIEFLY APPLE In a similar vein, to avoid making your ring look too busy, wear a gold and gold-colored ring — this combo also works with yellow gold. It’s a subtle way to make a statement without clashing colours!

Combine a mix of rings from our Pandora Rose, Shine, and sterling silver

With that in mind, we’ve rounded up four ways to style your Pandora rings as part of our handy quick-make guide, Get the best deals on pandora rings sale. Get ready to have a great day! Add a modern twist to your Pandora rings by giving them the grunge rock aesthetic with pearl-filled nail polish. Top off your style with a simple pair of pumps and a playful felt hat for a classic twist on the grunge look. Give your personal style an edgy makeover with a longline leather cuff. Pair this with a pair of thick black jeans and a leather jacket to achieve the look of a rebellious and anti-establishment kind of girl. Give your look an instant update with a pair of brightly coloured kicks and a print scarf.

Personalize your ring stack from Pandora

Now that your relationship status is public, you can tell the world just how you really feel about your partner and not feel the least bit insecure. Change the look of your engagement ring from pretty to edgy by swapping out your original stone with a gem of your choice. Or, if your initials, wedding date and wedding date is engraved on the inside of the ring, it would be a great idea to just swap that with a gem and engrave a cute sayings over it like ‘One for me, one for you’ or ‘Just say yes’. These are great ways to continue the loving theme while having a little fun with your ring. Indulge your love for quirky rings with a cute surprise Ladies are usually never afraid to go the extra mile for their partners, as long as it also makes them look their very best.

Choose rings of varying shapes and thicknesses

  • Like diamond rings? The Pandora Love 2s will give you that sparkle, but are a little more subtle than your usual man-made diamonds.
  • Then there’s the rings with generous, heart-shaped cutouts. These have the advantage of being larger and fuller, which means you can use them for wedding and engagement rings.
  • The Perth Dream Glam Stone with 22-carat gold is not only set in cushion-cut diamonds, but also boasts small, red diamonds throughout the band. Want something with a little more punch? Then try the Pandora Love 4s — they’re a beautiful rose gold design with a chic, innovative pendant. If you’re looking for something even more intricate, the Pandora Love 3 comes in a cool ‘copper gradient’ design with perfectly placed baguette diamonds.

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