4 Popular Remote Jobs in 2022

Remote working mode boomed during the COVID 19 pandemic and ingrained in our lives ever after. Though it was popular before the pandemic, the number of people working remotely during the pandemic increased incomparably. This way of work saves a lot of businesses from breaking in 2020 and people themselves were happy to have an option of working remote and keeping their job during the collapse of our world during the pandemic. 

Remote work has many advantages and that is why in today’s world it is so trendy and practical.When it comes to finding it, you can find it on freelance job platforms or sometimes by simply posting a facebook status about looking for it. In this article, read about some popular remote jobs that you can consider in 2022. 

1. Web designer

To create a website for a brand companies need web designers, web developers and content writers. Web developers are responsible for the functioning of the website. Web developers have to know some important programs like HTML/CSS, Javascript, etc. They have to have a strong understanding of how phone applications work as well as about web security. 

The job is highly-paid and very in demand in 2022. So if you are good with coding and savant in tech, this job can suit you well. 

It must be said that companies use tools like coworking space software to enable remote work with their colleagues, no matter how little the communication is needed between them. 

2.Content writer

These people are responsible for the text. All the texts that are written to advertise the brand or are somehow related to the company are written by content writers. They write articles for the website blog, compose the social media posts and are responsible for the communication with the customers. This job boomed in the last decade and is very popular in 2022. Content writers have to be smooth in languages and have severe writing skills. 

If you are good with texts and love constant learning through research, but are also a wild creative, who wants to unleash it in a project, this job is excellent for you. 

3.Web designers

Web designers are the people who conceive and execute the design of the website. These people are usually creative and are tech-friendly. Their job requires strong knowledge of computer programs like Figma and Adobe, but also an eye for visuals. These people have to use their creativity to conceive the website design with the help of web designing programs. 

This job became popular in the last decade and is a very cool and trendy position in 2022. These specialists are always in demand and are rather well paid. The job can be done 100% remotely and requires minimum contact with colleagues. 

4.Customer service associate

Customer service is very important for every sophisticated and professional brand. No matter what product or service the company offers to people, if it does not have customer service, it seems unprofessional for people. And do not forget that having this service is a way to retain customers. Customer service associates can work 100% remotely by being in touch with such tools as coworking space software or Intranet. 


Remote work makes people’s life easy in many ways. This is an option for them, which helps them to have a better work-life balance and is the only saving option for many. Nine to five work schedule is not the only one anymore. 

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