4 mistakes to avoid when using a game ready ice machine for the first time

If you are new to using physical therapy methods to recover after an injury – or you are new to recovering immediately after an intense training session or game – you must avoid certain mistakes that can derail your recovery journey. Just think about it – similar to training for your game, weightlifting in the gym, and doing technical skills on the field, recovery is a key part of your sporting life! If you do not recover properly, how can you expect to get back on the field and your best? You can’t! Taking recovery seriously and learning how to best rejuvenate your mind, body, and muscles after an intense game is key to being able to stay injury-free and continuing performing to the best of your ability.

So what therapy method should you use after a game? One of the best therapy methods to consider using is a game-ready ice machine from Source Fitness. However, if you’re new to using this machine, there are some mistakes to avoid when using it for the first time. Check these guidelines so you can avoid doing more damage than good after an intense game that has wreaked havoc on your muscles and joints!

Choosing the wrong temperature

The first mistake to avoid when using the game-ready ice machine is to set it to the wrong temperature. The whole purpose of using the game-ready ice machine is that it is supposed to be cold – the purpose of using this portable and stationary cold therapy is so you can cool off your muscles and give them the recovery they need after a game. Unlike using heat before a game, using the game-ready ice machine after a workout is key to reducing inflammation and stress in your body. 

Putting it on the wrong spot

The second mistake to avoid when it comes to using a game-ready ice machine is to put the machine in the wrong spot. If your quadriceps are sore after a soccer game, your hamstrings are sore after a track meet, or your elbow is sore after a tennis match, then you need to make sure you install the game-ready ice machine on the right spot. If you find that your muscles are sore, but you are using the cold therapy unit on the wrong muscles, this will be rendered useless in your recovery journey. Keep a close eye on what hurts, where is sore, and if you got any recent injuries during the game or training session that are causing you to have issues with recovering safely.

Not using it for long enough

The third mistake to avoid when it comes to using your game-ready ice machine for the first time is to not use it for a long enough time. If you only use a game-ready ice machine for just a few minutes in the injured area, then you will not get the necessary benefits of hot cold therapy. When it comes to icing a specific body part or area, then you need to use the game-ready ice machine for at least 20 minutes. 

Not storing it properly

The last mistake to avoid when using your game-ready ice machine for the first time is not turning it off and storing it on the player. This can shorten the lifespan and cause it to short circuit sooner than intended.


If you are an athlete, you need to recover from games and training sessions as soon as possible, consider using a game-ready ice machine to get rid of sore muscles and avoid any long-term injuries!

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