4 Great Features That Make Hotels In Gatlinburg Ideal For Families With Young Children!

Vacation times are great whether it’s in-season or off-season, as you get to bond with your family away from the distracting rush of the modern world. However, traveling with young ones can be quite a hassle, and here in Gatlinburg, we understand that. So this is why our hotels will certainly be the welcome family holiday respite that you need:

Availability of different Amenities

The Gatlinburg hotels offer a very relaxing atmosphere that is cozy and suitable for warming up with your family. Family night can involve movie days and nights by the fireplace with hot chocolate and popcorn. There are also other features that your kids are going to have a lot of fun using and exploring such as the outdoor pool spaces and lazy river, outdoor fire pits, free Wi-Fi, TV sets, and a free Grab-and-Go Breakfast.

There is also a lot of room in the interior corridor space for them to move around and have a lot of fun. And yes, your needs are also met with spas and gyms for when you want some time. The Gatlinburg hotels also may come with a private balcony, an elevator so you don’t have to worry about moving up the flight of stairs with the baby stroller or your goods, and ample parking space for your car needs.

Nearby tourist Attractions

The Gatlinburg hotels are also surrounded by a lot of great attractions, and you can also get a discount for visiting them. In the Gatlinburg hotels, you and your family get to experience the Great Smoky Mountains and the National parks all around. The view of the Smokies is quite spectacular all year round and you can be sure your little ones will not get bored or tired from monotony or lack of interesting places to go to.

The hiking trails around the smoky mountains are many and fun to go around and if you just want the views, you can try the Gatlinburg Space Needle or Skylift Park. You get the best views without the hustle of hiking and boy are they breathtaking!

Local Seasonal Festivals

The spirit of Christmas comes as early as November in Gatlinburg, and you are certainly going to enjoy being a part of it. There are over three million LED Christmas lights that are strung all over the city, and that is a magical sight your kids are going to surely enjoy. You can get to do a lot of fun things such as snow tubing and ice skating or attend the Dollywood‘s Smoky Mountain Christmas event that has a lot of seasonal shows, holiday shopping, and glittering lights.

Family holiday discounts:

There are a lot of great discounts to look for during this season. You can get up to 15% off in Gatlinburg hotels during the festive season. Your needs will be well catered for and you get to have a great time while still saving. There are a lot of great packages to choose from and all you have to do is select the one that is best for you and your family’s needs.

Going on vacation with your family is a great and magical time that is meant to bring you closer to each other and at The Bearskin Lodge, we are committed to helping you do just that. If you are looking for the best deals, we got them.

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