4 Common Ankle Injuries

Many people suffer from foot or ankle pain and swelling, especially after playing sports. However, it’s not always easy to diagnose what these pains are.

There are many ankle injuries. Some require medical attention, and some need only rest.

If you’re suffering from ankle pain or discomfort, you may be wondering what it could be. Take a look at these common ankle injuries and what to expect.

1. Achilles Tendonitis

Most people have heard of Achilles heel, and that’s exactly where you’ll need to look. The Achilles tendon connects two calf muscles to the heel bone. When the long tendon at the back of the ankle becomes inflamed, usually to overuse, it is called Achilles Tendonitis.

Achilles Tendonitis can also lead to an Achilles Tear, which can be painful. Those who suffer a tear or rupture may hear a popping sound from their ankle after use. Your doctor is likely to direct you to a foot specialist, like Foot & Ankle Specialists | The Foot Doc.

2. Ankle Sprain

Ligaments in the ankle are responsible for securing the joints and ensuring it doesn’t move too far either way. When a sprain happens, it means that the ligament has stretched too far. Most sprains will heal well with rest and ice.

However, if you find that your sprained ankle doesn’t heal well after two weeks, it’s important to visit your doctor. Untreated severe sprains can cause weakness over time and even result in arthritis.

3. Ankle Fracture

An ankle fracture is more serious than a sprain. However, many people can confuse the two, so it’s always best to get checked over by a medical professional. You may have more difficulty putting weight on your foot when you have a fracture.

Whether the fracture is in one or multiple bones, you will often experience pain, swelling, and bruising. You will need to see an orthopedic specialist for your ankle injury, and it can take weeks to completely heal.

4. Plantar Fasciitis

A large number of people suffer from a foot injury called Plantar Fasciitis. It is a condition where the tissue in the arch of the foot becomes inflamed and many people feel pain in their heel. The most common symptom is pain in the first few steps after resting the foot.

This condition will often improve with rest, ice, and stretching. Your doctor may also prescribe some anti-inflammatory medication to soothe inflammation and swelling. It’s also wise to see a specialist for any additional advice.

Taking Care of Ankle Injuries

Taking care of ankle injuries isn’t always as simple as it may seem. Although many injuries can be healed with rest, many injuries are also mistaken for something they’re not. If you’re suffering from ankle pain or discomfort, you should always seek medical advice.

Diagnosing the problem early will ensure you can recover as quickly as possible. For more health and fitness advice and tips, take a browse through our website.

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