10 Popular Tricks of The Best Wedding Photographers

Every photographer who develops proficiency in photography discovers some or the other unique ways to capture the right frame. Be it the subtleness of nature in pre-wedding shoot, impressive add-ons in the background of destination wedding or focusing on the subject without letting him noticed in candid photography, the whole idea is to showcase creativity and execute the wedding coverage with utmost ease. However, there are some best wedding photographers in Delhi who believe in using unique tricks which can make photography and entire shoot eye-catchy. Besides, the moments become memorable with this approach used by them.

10 Popular Tricks of the Best Wedding Photographers in Delhi


To start with, the use of props is one of the most popular tricks which keeps the couple engaged and as a result, give their best shot during wedding coverage. Many props with captions or phrases are fondly used by the wedding guests and couples to get clicked with. This is an amazing trick, wherein, the props or add-ons can be brought to the venue by the host or the photographer. Apart from this, the following tricks of wedding photographers are appreciable in making the moments look superb in the wedding album and videos turn out to be impressive:

1. They understand your style and personality before the shoot begins

In the initial phase, the best photographers make it a point that they understand the couple’s style and personality. This smart tactic helps them in shooting the wedding moments with precision further focusing on the style which the couple can gracefully strike and what theme of wedding photography will suit them.

2. Bringing various ideas from the past work to help you choose the style of wedding coverage

The portfolio of wedding photographers is a mirror where couples can reface themselves by flipping the pages of wedding success stories. Whether those are exclusive poses, creative thought processes of photographers, special themes, locations covered in the outdoor weddings or any other element, the best wedding photographers play a vital role in helping the clients to select methodology of the wedding coverage in case they are seeking out-of-the-box recommendations for their D-Day.

3. Brief the couple about the coordination to be maintained between photographer and couple

The well-managed things and arrangements avoid chaos at the wedding venue when it comes to attaining the perfect photography. Therefore, the best wedding photographers in Delhi make sure that they brief the couple about the coordination to be followed between the couple and them. This helps the couple in being prepared for the different poses or making the work for photographers efficient as well as better.

4. Focus on personality of couple

The elegance, charm and perfection are three traits of the couple which make wedding memories wonderful. Therefore, the top wedding photographers focus on the personality of the couple rather than applying the same filters, lens or accessories for shooting their D-Day. By following every move of the bride and groom, the photographers ensure that the couple is comfortable so that they can capture the commendable photographs.

5. Candid shots of bride are prioritized

Undoubtedly, the bride is a female protagonist of her wedding story. Hence, presenting her as the graceful, gorgeous and complementing her exquisite look on wedding are some of the factors which photographers consider while focusing on the candid shots of the bride.

6. Family moments contribute to galore of emotions

Everybody likes to pose for the camera with family, friends and all the near & dear ones in a huge group on the wedding day. Even the plain group photo with variations becomes special as the best wedding photographers in Delhi have mastered photography skills to treasure memories effectively. Be it the properly selected background, location or by balancing the lighting effect, these photographers make the wedding shot of family photographers excellent.

7. Gorgeous wedding dress and bride in one frame

In a look of dilemma, thoughtful mood or filled with various emotions, the bride being captured with her gorgeous D-Day outfit is one of the interesting tricks to reflect the innovative side of wedding photography of the to-be-bride. This pose can also be a symbolic version of a girl being prepared for the new role in life and reflecting over.

8. Moment when groom is styling

Why should just the bride win the limelight when the D-Day is all about the couple, in totality! Therefore, to address this thought, the best wedding photographers in Delhi shoot the groom in a candid manner. For instance, when he is styling or just getting ready… These photographers don’t miss the moment to capture some worthwhile moments with their creative lens.

9. Black & white couple portrait

Black & White photography is still classy due to its endless grace. But, when it comes to experimenting with the black & white portrait, then, the top wedding photographers focus on the couple and try to make it as natural as possible. Few pictures of this style are clicked in a random way to make the wedding album surprise evident.

10. Candid shot of varmala

Varmala or the moment when a couple shares garland is probably the most awaited moment for the wedding guests. The best wedding photographers who have knack to simply shoot the best while capturing the wedding, make the most out of the moment by making candid shots of varmala memorable.

Final Words

Lastly, it can be summarized that the above 10 tricks of the experienced and top wedding photographers are just like a teaser to a long journey of unfolding wedding moments through creative lens.

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