Who Invented The Cricket And What Has Changed From Then? 

Cricket is one of the most fascinating game among all other games and who so ever start watching world cricket news never say no to cricket. The reason cricket is considered a religion and cricketers being worshipped as Gods. God is the historical background when cricket was a religion. The Indian subcontinent was part of the control of the British Raj via the East India Company.

In 1737, sailors from the company played cricket close to Baroda in Cambay. The Indian elites also embraced the sport quickly. Parsees from Bombay who were educated in the westernized community were the first to begin playing cricket. Then, slowly, the world cricket news sport spread to other groups like Muslims and Hindus too. The creation of the Parsee Gymkhana for cricket bears evidence of the development of clubs for play in the name of the religion of the players.

Development of Cricket History

In India and the West Indies, cricket gained popularity as a result of colonial history. It served as a representation of racial and social supremacy among British colonial officials. The game was not made widely accessible by them. Playing cricket indicated being on par with the British in terms of the race for the colonized. Cricket success came to represent some degree of racial equality and political advancement. 

However, as South American nations did not fall under the control of imperial England, the game did not enjoy as much popularity there. Cricket isn’t well-known and popular throughout South America because they were not under colonial rule or dominated as Asia and Africa because it was an entirely British sport that was not introduced to cricket until the beginning of the development of the sport.

Note: In India, under British rule, cricket an English sport was banned. It also suppressed traditional Indian games such as kabaddi- an act of chasing and tagging an opposing team as well as “kushti in akharas ” i.e. wrestling in the arena.

It is by far the most loved sport played in India. The game is enjoyed in each part of the nation. In recent times, other sports, like basketball, football, wrestling shooting, and so on. have been gaining popularity, but cricket is the most watched sport in India.

Let’s take a look at five reasons cricket is extremely well-liked in India.

#1 The fact that it is so easy to play

It’s not expensive to take up cricket. Even people with a low background can enjoy cricket. It is all they have to do is arrange an appropriate bat and ball and participate in this game. The majority of players in India begin their cricket careers with gully cricket within their own communities. Although the ball used in the international game is a ball made of leather, the gully game is played using either a tennis ball or taped ball.

#2 Emergence of world-class batsmen through the decades

There are many cricketers, including Sunil Gavaskar Rahul Dravid Sachin Tendulkar Anil Kumble, who’ve attracted the attention of the larger public in India. Cricketers are regarded as gods. Sachin Tendulkar is known as” the God for Cricket In India.

Many young athletes who are beginning their careers cite the players they admire as their inspiration in making the sports profession. Even those who are not part of the crowd are fascinated by these sportsmen.

They would love to see their heroes on the screen doing their best. Many people are familiar with the statistics of their most loved cricketers. The comparison of cricketers is a popular subject among cricket enthusiasts in India.

#3 Winners in Major ICC tournaments

The performance of Indian cricketers in ICC events has had a significant influence on the popularity of cricket. India has been crowned the Cricket World Cup twice. India won the tournament in 1983 and 2011.

They were also the champions of the first T20 World Cup in 2007. These important tournaments have played an important role in bringing cricketers to the status of a star. These wins encourage numerous youngsters to make a career out of cricket and represent their country. Certain British cricketers utilized the sport to bridge the gap between themselves and their subject and others used it to be antagonistic and belittle Indians in the way they saw India as a collection of caste, race, or religious distinctions. 

The teams that played in the first-class cricket tournaments were representing different religions as well as the teams and regions that they played for. The British tried to profit from the concept of the idea of an “Indian cricket team”, but failed to be a contributor to the divisions between different religions. In 1947 Indian people who wanted to be independently considered cricket to be an unending poison for creating divisions among the mass people.

#4 Emergence of IPL

After being world T20 champions After winning the World T20 championship, the Indian Premier League was started in India by the BCCI. This is by far the most viewed T20 league around the globe. The mix of sport and entertainment is a big hit in India. When IPL is playing and the players are popular, Bollywood stars do not release their films due to the fear of not receiving enough attention for their films. IPL has brought cricket to lesser-known centers like Bhubaneshwar as well as Ranchi. The IPL grows more and more popular with each new year.

Indians, who are obsessed with cricket, look up to athletes as role models. They spend a lot of time watching television to enjoy cricket matches and occasionally try a bat and ball. Despite numerous scandals, cricket continues to enjoy widespread popularity. Cricket matches are still somewhat akin to lavish feasts for the mind and eyes. We are inextricably linked to cricket.

Sports and health have historically been linked because playing a game you love is a given. Sports are now connected with glamour and have economic prospects tied to them in the altered environment. In India, cricket is without a doubt the most widely played sport. Other sports in India are overshadowed by the extravaganzas this sport produces. The national game is hockey. India’s national sport is hockey, but cricket is more well-known and holds the top spot on the popularity scale.

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