Top FAQs About Car Air Freshener Answered

Have you ever had a day when the most beautiful woman in your office asked for a lift but your car was just too smelly to be invited in? Well, many of us have faced such a situation and the only thing we want to ask the god for is a nice and pleasant car air freshener. This article answers some of the most frequently asked questions regarding car air fresheners.

Top 5 car air freshener FAQs

An air freshener is an essential car accessory that not only covers bad odors, but makes the car interior smell as fresh as new. Here are the top 5 car air freshener FAQs answered:

1. What are the different types of car air freshener?

These are some of the most common forms of a car air freshener available in the Indian market:

  • Cardboard air freshener

A cardboard air freshener is made by infusing a cardboard material with essential oils. Cardboard air fresheners are one of the most affordable air fresheners in the market. However, they don’t last very long.

  • Vent stick

A vent stick air freshener is a small plastic shell that encloses oil-based fragrance. It is clipped on the A/C vent flap and releases fragrance when the A/C is working. A vent stick air freshener is also used as a decorative car accessory. However, most people don’t prefer a vent stick as it only functions when the A/C is on.

  • Sticky gel

A sticky gel air freshener is a solid gel compound infused with fragrant essential oils. While sticky gel is very convenient to use, the fragrance is not very long lasting. Also, the fragrance is not able to cover foul odors. Sticky gel air fresheners also tend to shrink and dry up when put under direct sunlight for too long.

  • Aerosol

Spray air fresheners are aerosols stored in handy metal containers. Aerosol air freshener sprays are very strong and instantly cover any foul odors present in the car. So much so, that the powerful fragrance can sometimes be annoying for some people. Another con of aerosol sprays has to be the heavy price. Aerosol sprays are sometimes refillable.

2. Why do we need a car air freshener?

A car air freshener serves many purposes:

  • Car air fresheners are available in a huge variety of flavors.
  • They add a pleasant fragrance in the air.
  • They cover foul odors.
  • They provide a soothing feeling and amps-up your mood.
  • They are helpful for people who suffer from anxiety issues.

3. Where can I find the best car air freshener?

There’s a grand variety of car air fresheners available on the internet. However, not all of them are genuine products from reliable brands. When searching for car air fresheners online, you should not miss to check the amazing range of authentic car air fresheners offered by Carorbis.com. Their collection includes an impressive variety of flavours that are super long-lasting and affordable.

4. How can I enhance the smell of my car air freshener and make it last longer?

The best way to instantly increase the efficiency of your car air freshener significantly is by coupling it with a car air purifier. A car air purifier also works excellently to remove all harmful contaminants from the air inside your car.

5. How long do car air fresheners last?

The longevity of an air freshener largely depends on the type of air freshener used, the frequency of usage, and the amount of air pollution in your surroundings. Considering these factors, an air freshener can last anywhere between a few weeks to up to two years.


So, here was all about car air fresheners. If you are looking for some long-lasting and good-quality car air fresheners and other premium interior car accessories online, then don’t forget to visit Carorbis.com.

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