Top 10 SEO Techniques To Drive Organic Traffic in 2021

SEO techniques and their effectiveness constantly change, sometimes even overnight. The saying that “change is the one constant” stands cent percent true for these. Nobody to date has mastered the art of excelling in the SEO game. Although many search engines like Yandex, Bing, CC Search, Gibiru, etc., are available, Google may be the most popular and most used one.

This article will list the ten most effective SEO tactics to boost website ranking and generate high-quality organic leads in 2021. Now, while we have considered Google as the primary search engine, these can also be used for other engines.

Let’s get started. Our points of discussion are-  

  1. Long-tail keywords
  2. Videos
  3. Snippets
  4. Website’s performance
  5. User experience
  6. Updated content
  7. Mobile friendly
  8. Cluster topics
  9. Social media brand presence
  10.  Responsive landing pages

Google’s getting more intelligent and powerful- not only at analyzing and understanding web pages but also at how informative and interactive it is at engaging the users. So, mastering these SEO tactics for lead generation is more important than ever.


Long-tail keywords are those terms that match up to your primary keywords. They get a small search volume but can add up to a massive amount in aggregate. They are less-competitive and get more search traffic.

This can be attributed to the increase in usage of voice search devices likes Alexa and Siri. Using long-tail keywords proves good not only for voice search optimization but also for traditional SEO. Keywords with more than two words face less competition and have a better chance at ranking high.

  1. VIDEO  

According to Demand Metric, 83% of marketers agree that video marketing is something one cannot do without. Videos are a powerful marketing tactic for brand visibility and establishment. With factors like WFH, reduced data prices, and growing smartphone usage across all groups, videos are the most widely accessible form of content and the most consumed one. Try this free video editor.

Different forms of videos like live interactive sessions, webinars, product reviews, interviews, advertisements, influencer collaborations, etc., work great for  B2C and B2B brands. You can post videos on your website and other digital platforms as well. This will establish your brand amongst your target audience and increase customer engagement. You can witness a spike in the ranking of the search engine.


Snippets are the part of more meaningful content, which matches the search query. You will see your keyword highlighted in the snippet description. This is how a typical snippet looks like. However, please note that it can also come in a video format.

Snippets generally consist of a title, a URL, and the meta description of the page. The search engines often use pieces of your content to respond to keywords and reflect them whenever a query is made. Search engines determine the best possible snippet in most cases, but you can also decide them for yourself by optimizing long-form content. Snippets are a great way to market your long blogs, article, or informative content.


A website’s performance in terms of speed is so important that Google has labeled it a ranking factor. Over time, the search engine has improved the loading speed of websites by providing tools for developers and web admins. A short loading time also increases user experience and reduced bounce rate. There are numerous tools like Pingdom Website Speed Test, GTmetrix Performance Report, Google Chrome – Inspect Element, etc., to check and test the loading speed of your website. You can also use Google Lighthouse to increase the speed of your website in the search engine.


User experience (UX) plays a vital role in organic lead generation through SEO. It focuses on understanding the users deeply and offering solutions to their questions, concerns, and queries.

UX also considers the goals of the brands and incorporates them with the limitations of the end-users. Some of the most common factors to build a high user experience are- value, desirability, usefulness, credibility, accessibility, interaction, and interest.  Factors like website speed, engaging content, and responsive site can also increase UX, increasing the website’s ranking in the search engine.

“Successful Local SEO Services UK is not about tricking Google. It’s about PARTNERING with Google to provide the best search results for Google’s users.” – Phil Frost, Main Street ROI


One of the significant things that transformed in this decade of SEO was ‘updated content.’ Earlier, Google gave more importance to content that was consistent for over six months. However, things have changed now. Now it gives more prominence to pages that have updated content to meet user demands.

Now, the question is, how to do it? How can you choose the content which needs to be updated?

The first tip is choosing the web pages that usually rank higher in search engines. These can be the home page, contact page, career page, about us page, privacy policies, FAQ pages, or others. You may update the content of these pages with trending and relevant content. You can also use essential keywords in these pages and answer the most frequently queries raised by your target audience.


This cannot be stressed enough. Your website must be mobile-friendly. Many developers choose to build the mobile version of the website first. Data shows that as of April 2021, 56.16% of web traffic came from mobile phones. A decade back, in April 2011, it was 5.21%. Mobile responsive websites generate more traffic, which helps in the ranking of the website.


We highly recommend the use of topic clusters. A topic cluster comprises interlinked web pages built around one major piece of content targeting a big topic. For example, if your website is about skincare, you may have N number of pages regarding different products and routines. However, suppose you connect the pages concerning a particular skin type or routine. In that case, it will boost the ranking of all the pages in the search engine and provide information to your users in one place. Some of the key benefits of using topic clusters are higher rankings, traffic, and conversions, and improved results from every piece of content.


In today’s time, it is just not enough for brands to have a responsive website. Brands must be omnipresent across social media, as it has a massive impact on purchasing decisions. Social media helps in brand establishment and increases the ranking in the search engine, as users get aware of your brand and directly search it in the search engine.


These are for the brands who rely on sponsored ads on Google or any other search engine. When you provide a landing page attached to the ad, the landing is responsive and leads the user to the desired location. Failing to do will increase the bounce rate of your website, but Google will understand that the landing address is unresponsive and lower the ranking of your website automatically.

We hope these tips and tactics help you rank your website in the search engine and generate high-quality organic traffic. Do let us know your thoughts on the same.

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