The Main Types of Guns: A Comprehensive Guide

Here in the U.S, there are certain traditions we hold dear. Enshrined in our constitution, the right to bear arms is part of the American way.

Owning a gun – either for sport, hunting, or self-defense – is a freedom we can all enjoy, and whether you’re a first-time gun owner or an enthusiast, it pays to do your research before buying a new firearm.

There are many types of guns available on the market. Here we will take a look at different kinds of guns and help you find the right firearm for you.

Read on for all the facts about guns and gun ownership; you’ll need to make an informed decision.

Here we will take a look at different kinds of guns and help you find the right firearm for you. Once you’ve decided on the one you’d like, you can always build it yourself using 80 lower receivers.

Handguns and Revolvers

Compact and versatile, these small arms are ideal for concealed carry users.

Revolvers operate via a cylinder wherein each chamber contains a separate round. Following discharge, the cylinder rotates to align the next shot with the barrel.

Handguns are magazine-fed weapons that are almost always double action. Semi-automatic handguns are compact, customizable, and popular for self-defense.

For optimum usability, consider purchasing a new timberwolf frame for your handgun.


Rifles are long guns (over 16″) that are often used for hunting and sport. They are fired using two hands, braced against the shoulder. Rifles are available in both bolt-action and semi-automatic formats.

There are various other designs of rifles available, including lever and break-action models.

When buying a gun, do further research to find out which system works best for you.


Shotguns are smooth bored firearms. They are usually fired from the shoulder, like a rifle. Shotguns are most effective at short range.

However, what sets shotguns apart is their ability to fire multiple projectiles with each pull of the trigger. This blast of pellets, or ‘shot,’ spreads out after exploding from the barrel, allowing shotguns to devastate a wider area with each shot.

Shotguns are often used for hunting small game, especially birds. Law enforcement officers sometimes use tactical shotguns for riot control.


Any firearm which is fully automatic is considered by law to be a ‘machine-gun.’

This means that as long as the trigger is pressed down and ammunition is in the magazine, the gun will continue to fire.

Although you cannot purchase fully automatic weapons made after 1986, you can convert newly manufactured firearms with the relevant approval from the ATF.

Owning a gun that is fully automatic is restricted in some states. Therefore, you should be sure to check what laws apply to you before buying a gun in this category.

Types of Guns Explained

So that’s all you need to know about some common types of guns available to you. There is a firearm for every situation, and now you know what’s best.

Did you enjoy this article?

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