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Service Marketing, Have You Understood?

Service marketing is a process that creates and delivers the services that consumers need. Where in it there are activities such as attracting the attention of consumers, maintaining consumers which are all done to meet the needs and desires of a company that runs a business. In other words, service marketing In Business is related to how a business person does marketing properly and appropriately to attract consumer attention. Where in its implementation it requires important management information in the marketing of the service itself. In addition, it requires information from the entire marketing process to ensure a more effective marketing process within the company.

Then service marketing has several children. Anything? Here’s the description:

1. Intangible

Services or services are different from goods or products. Where the product is an object, tool or thing. Meanwhile, the service itself is an act, experience, process, performance or effort that causes this service to not be seen or felt by consumers before they buy it.

2. Inseparability

In general, goods exist because they are produced, then they are sold. Meanwhile, general services are first used and sold at the same time and place.

3. Varabillity or inconsistency

The point here is that the variable service is because it is a non-standard output. So that many variables are formed, quality and type depending on who, when and where the service is produced.

4. Perishability

These services or services are not durable and cannot be stored. Where services that are not used or not used will be lost and cannot be stored for further use.

5. Lack of Ownership

In connection with the purchase of a service or service, consumers may only have access to that service for a certain period of time. Where payment is usually a service for use, access or rental related to the services offered.

After seeing the facts, service marketing above, then what about a marketing service strategy that can increase excellence in meeting consumer needs?

The service marketing strategy is to provide integrated action towards a sustainable competitive advantage. Where the ultimate goal and marketing concepts, tips and strategies is customer satisfaction. However, keep in mind that this customer satisfaction does not mean you give them whatever they want but rather what they really want. Given the needs of consumers also follow changing market trends, so you have to be good at sorting out related things. So you need a strategy

right for service marketing in order to produce a service that can meet consumer needs optimally.

The following is an explanation regarding service marketing strategies that you need to know:

  • Provide the best service

Providing the best service is clearly able to have an impact on fulfilling consumer needs optimally. How not, by providing the best service whether it is done during the marketing process or in the process of making a service, this will have an impact on consumers to continue to use the services of the business you are running. So that it will directly have an impact on increasing your business income.

  • Optimal human resource performance

In doing marketing or marketing, it certainly requires human resources who have good communication skills. Given this communication is important for running a business and being able to influence consumers to use the services offered. In addition, with this optimal performance it can attract the attention of consumers because this good performance can reflect an image of a company engaged in the service sector.

  • Quality is comparable to price

Determining the price, either high or low, should be adjusted to the quality of the service provided. When the service provides various benefits by consumers, there is nothing wrong if the price offered is also high. However, don’t let the service provide less benefit to consumers but instead have a high price. If that happens you can lose customers.

  • Keep up with technological developments

As we know, the development of technology today is very fast, which as business people must be able to keep up with it. In business, the use of technological developments can provide the best solutions for businesses and consumers. This is because increasingly sophisticated technology can accelerate the services provided to consumers.

This is the information related to service marketing that you need to know to grow your business. May be useful.

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