Right Time To Hire An Auto Accident Lawyer

Auto accidents or road accidents are becoming more common nowadays. Most of the time, it is the carelessness of people that leads to such mishaps. Such incidents cause thousands of deaths every year. However, there are several ways people can prevent such accidents, and of course, driving carefully is one of the primary points. Whatever may be the case, approaching a good auto accident lawyer is essential whenever there is a mishap.

Following traffic rules is imperative for all, and on the flip side, pedestrians must also be careful while walking on the roads. Unfortunately, there are several instances when the fault is of the pedestrian and not of the driver. Please read the article till the end to find out the major causes of auto accidents and the most effective ways of preventing them.

What are the primary causes of auto accidents?

Here is a list of some of the most common factors that lead to the most dangerous auto accidents:

Distracted driving

There is no secret here that the carelessness of drivers is often the cause of serious road accidents. Moreover, the accident figure due to reckless and distracted driving has been rising rapidly over the last couple of years.

Drivers must understand that they are putting the lives of innocent people at risk when they are careless while driving. Answering calls, texting, grooving to loud music are common reasons that lead to distraction while driving and can cause fatal accidents.


Traffic congestion is very frustrating, but being patient is important during such situations. Several drivers try to pass through narrow spaces between two cars during congestion to be ahead of them once there is a green light. However, such tailgating is not a good idea and can lead to an auto accident.

One should never rush while driving, irrespective of the duration of the red light. While on the one hand, violation of traffic rules is punishable, on the other hand, tailgating may leave you in a fix when the other vehicles take sudden turns.

Therefore, it is best to maintain a safe distance during red lights to ensure no confusion, even if any other vehicle is taking a sudden sharp turn. Being wise means that you get enough time to control your car or push the brakes when the car in front takes a wrong turn.

Drunk driving

Drink and drive is a legal offense in every country, and the punishment is severe everywhere based on the state laws. However, the worst factor about driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is that there are high chances of a fatal accident.

When a person is drunk, he/she is most likely to lose his consciousness and therefore not control the vehicle when required. Therefore, most accidents caused due to drunk driving is when the driver cannot control the car during a red light, which means pedestrians trying to cross streets are at risk of being hit. On the contrary, drunk driving is a major risk to the drivers, too, if they hit trees or road dividers. Therefore, one has to decide not to drive even under the influence of a peg or two of alcohol, which is usually harmless. However, if there is an unfortunate occurrence, an auto accident lawyer will guide the victim or driver through the legal and compensatory formalities.

Violation of traffic rules

Following traffic rules will reduce the number of auto accidents. The best part is that traffic regulations are quite simple, but unfortunately, several people don’t follow them. While an auto accident lawyer may help to get the formalities done, breaking rules is punishable.

For example, some drivers will take a sharp turn even when the red light is visible, stating that no cars can get hit. However, that’s not the correct way to approach rules, and one should abide by signals even when there is no second car available on the road.

Reckless or speed driving

There is no requirement of painting a real picture of Fast And Furious in real life because that can only cause severe accidents. While speed is an adventure for several drivers, pushing the accelerator seems very tempting, especially when a person is rushing towards their destination. Therefore, it is best to always follow traffic rules, drive within speed limits and stay away from mishaps. One must stay calm while driving to prevent accidents.

Rainy days and bad road condition

Roads are usually slippery when it’s constantly raining during the monsoon. As a result, there are high chances for drivers to lose control of their vehicles. While avoiding going out is not an option when it’s raining, it is best to opt for public vehicles if possible. Moreover, if it rains heavily and the visibility is low while driving, the wisest option is to pull back and wait for the heavy rain to stop.

Poor road conditions, especially during monsoons, is another major problem leading to fatal auto accidents. Therefore, every driver must be extra-cautious when they see potholes ahead. It ensures that neither the car is damaged nor an accident due to the car’s wheel getting stuck in a pothole.

Not following seatbelt rules

There is a reason why there are seat belts in every car, and everyone, whether driving or a passenger, should wear them. Unfortunately, several people are unaware that there are seat belts for people in the back seat of cars.

This is to make everyone aware that wearing a seatbelt is mandatory to avoid any head-to-head collisions if the car hits a solid barrier or another vehicle. In addition, it is a proven fact that drivers who are wearing seat belts are most likely to survive an auto accident without severe damage compared to those not wearing a seatbelt.


From the above points, the causes of an auto accident are quite avoidable by following easy preventive measures. Also, it is best to speak to a professional auto accident lawyer in case of an accident to know what is to be done. Often, making decisions without consulting with a professional proves to be wrong.

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