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How to give your outdoor space a distinctive look this autumn?

Autumn has come knocking on our doors in all its glory, and this beautiful season always means a wonderful opportunity to spend those lazy evenings outdoors and make the best out of it. No matter if you’re a person who loves staying indoors or outdoors, this season is bound to pull you out and make you spend time outdoors, and that’s the best part. Now there are a lot of ways to light up your outdoor decor, but there are a few things you need to consider before planning the lighting layout of the space.

The tricky part with the outdoor setting is that you need to start from scratch, and there are barely any similarities in the way you use your indoor lighting designs and the outdoor lighting. But when we call it tricky, we definitely don’t mean difficult, in fact decorating your outdoor space is way more excitable and fun compared to indoor lighting. And you don’t really have to sweat it about choosing the right lighting designs as we have your back, and we take you through the most essential parts of the process that will be requiring your attention.

Not all permutations and combinations may create the best effect for you. And that’s where you need to think about the purpose each lighting design will be serving in the space. While layered lighting is a concept that best works indoors, it can be comfortably used in your outdoor seating spaces, outdoor lounges, outdoor decks, or more. There are a number of designs that can beautifully accentuate the ambience of your outdoor space. Now, sit back and take a look at all the ways you can add a distinct flair to your outdoor space.

Focus on making your ambience versatile

During this season, everybody mostly prefers spending time outdoors during dusk and extend their sessions to late hours sometimes. Even if your preferences are not the same, you need to make sure that your outdoor space is prepped up to complement your session at any time of the evening. If you have a sturdy structure that can hold an overhead lighting fixture, then there’s nothing better than that. Try to go for a ceiling light that can take the brunt of the weather. You can also use a portable lighting design like a table lamp or a floor lamp to occasionally light up your outdoor decor.

Light up your landscape properly

Use outdoor lights like wall lights, or garden bollards to highlight your landscape as it will not only accentuate the aesthetic value of your outdoor space but also add functionality to your space quite effectively and efficiently. You can also use garden bollards to highlight your yards, gardens, driveways, pathways and much more. Gate lights are also equally good at highlighting your landscape but make sure you don’t overdo it all.

Don’t use too many decorative lighting fixtures

We know that the entire deal is to decorate your outdoor space but make sure you don’t use too much artificial lighting in the space as the entire point is to enjoy each sitting outdoor this season. Instead of another lighting design, you can use some outdoor decor elements such as sculptures, artifacts and paintings to bring the best out of your decor.

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