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How to clean the office windows professionally?

Do you have a large window in your office? If so, surely you are sick of seeing traces of rain, fingerprints, and other stains on the windows. If you want to know the best way to clean large windows in an office, don’t miss this blog post from our cleaning company. From Jacobsen’s cleaning, as experts in office cleaning services, we explain how the windows should be cleaned to obtain the best results. Take note!

Cleaning the office windows

Cleaning a large window is not easy, so it is best to entrust this task to true office cleaning professionals. Especially if it is necessary to carry out work at height, since doing this task without experience is a real madness that can end in tragedy.

But if you prefer to do this work yourself, here’s the first trick. It consists of cleaning one side of the window vertically and the other horizontally. In this way, you will be able to find the signs of dirt more easily and remove them without difficulty. You will see how it works!

On the other hand, it is not advisable to clean the window glass on very sunny days, since the glass cleaner will dry almost instantly and marks will remain. In the same way, we recommend looking at the weather forecast before starting to clean the windows. Imagine that it starts to rain as soon as you finish the cleaning job!

It will be essential that you keep in mind which is the most effective disinfectant products for cleaning windows, since if inappropriate products are used, the result can be disastrous. And the same goes for tools: it is not enough to use just any cloth to clean a large window. If you want optimal results, you must use professional equipment, capable of reaching every corner and removing any stain from the window.

These tricks will do you little good if the windows you need to clean are too high. When the offices are on very high floors and the windows cannot be disassembled, it is best to enlist the help of professional window cleaners at height. If this is your case, do not hesitate to contact the professional Cleaning service (Rengøring). As experts in office cleaning, we will be happy to put our professionalism and qualifications at your disposal. One of the most tedious cleaning tasks is cleaning the windows. At Jacobsen’s cleaning company we can help you with our window cleaning service. We offer a window cleaning service for both common windows and high-rise windows.

Within the cleaning maintenance service, you can choose the periodicity with which you should perform the cleaning. You can choose between a daily, weekly, biweekly cleaning…

We also offer specialized services for offices and companies. You can choose between occasional cleanings or hiring a cleaning maintenance service.

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