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How Long Does It Take to Buy a Home on Average?

A quick Google search on “how long does it take to buy a home?” will provide you with contradicting content. Most of the blogs you see will give a vague number of days without providing any real explanation. So, it’s confusing to know which one to trust and rely on.

The truth is that there is no fixed period that you’ll take to buy a home as many things affect this process.

You want to learn how you can buy a great house quickly. The intelligent approach breaks the house buying process into various phases and checks how long each takes. Besides, seek insights on how you can expedite each of these house buying stages.

To help you out, here is how long it take to buy a home on average.

Getting Pre-Approved for a House Loan

The first step is approaching your bank to determine whether you qualify for a mortgage before starting the house search. Most banks will give you an estimate on how much money they can lend you to buy a home with 3 days. Avoid wasting time, request for mortgage preapproval from several banks to compare and pick the best one.

House Search

Once you’re sure you qualify for a mortgage, the next stage is to check out the listed homes in your desired location. Most people, on average, take 10-12 weeks to find their dream home. You can reduce this time by seeing the listed properties on reputable websites such as Hatchrealty.com.

Present an Offer, Negotiate and Sign a Contract

To next step in the home buying process is making a competitive offer to the property seller. Know that having a vague offer will only prolong the process. Involve a real estate agent to help you make the offer, negotiate and sign a contract in less than 7 days. Read more about 7starhd

House Inspection

When buying a home, inspection is a crucial step, and you should never skip it, no matter the urgency. You want to ensure that the property is in good condition before you acquire it. The great thing is that you can complete this work with a good home inspector within 10 days or less.


Closing is the final home buying process where you get financing for the property and complete the title transfer. It’ll take between 30-45 days for your bank to disburse the money to buy the house. To avoid problems later, involve the top experts who’ll guide you handle the house closing paperwork. More info for Visit here ytmp3

How Long Does It Take to Buy a Home? Consult the Top Real Estate Experts

It’s tricky to know for sure the answer to “how long does it take to buy a home?” because everyone’s situation is different. When you combine that time, it takes to complete all of the above stages; it looks like it’ll take you 4-5 months to buy a home. It’s also evident that you can reduce this time if you involve the top real estate agents.

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