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How Couples Celebrate Anniversary During Covid Pandemic?

As the government scrambled to contain the spread of COVID-19, countless couples separated, restricting citizens’ activities to their home countries and even their own homes. In some cases, when the border is closed, one of the parties is on a business trip or visiting relatives abroad. In other cases, a couple is already in a long-distance relationship but has to postpone future meetings.

Don’t worry! Here are the most creative techniques to make your anniversary special during Covid.

Use flowers

Your wedding anniversary is a very special day and it should be romantic. Buy some flowers for your spouse, leave a note on the bouquet, and surprise him at the beginning of the day. Several online flower shops offer online flower delivery services at midnight. If you are in another country and your spouse is in India, look for a shop that provides this kind of delivery service in India and give your loved one a big surprise. This is really surprising because your partner will never think of it. You can also use the online gift platform to buy one or more anniversary gifts for your spouse online to make them feel special.

Virtual Violinist

How about playing the violin alone in your favorite song, and you are lost in the melody? In fact, this will be a big surprise. In this challenging time, you can let the custom violinist play their favorite songs on your mobile screen and amaze your loved ones with melodious songs. Guess what, you can book this surprise at an unbeatable price. So, what are you waiting for to let your loved ones enjoy the wonderful melody?

Surprise Gifts

Being thousands of miles away does not necessarily prevent you from sending gifts. Sending and receiving gifts outside can be expensive and time-consuming. However, you can still find a convenient and simple way to send small gifts. Since shipping can be expensive, please be as creative as possible. You can also buy gifts online and ship them directly to your long-distance partner.

Buy Matching Romantic-Themed Pillowcases

If you and your spouse like romantic gifts that always remind each other, you can get matching pillowcases. You can order a specially designed cover to show the pattern or design of how the pillowcases are connected together. You can also find custom pillowcase manufacturers to create a specific design for you. This will be a very pleasant anniversary gift and a lovely way to express, “Think of me before you go to bed.”

Send a Video Message

Anniversary gifts and celebration methods are constantly evolving due to technology. In addition to your Skype meetings, you may also want to try sending video messages to your partners. Feel free to say something loving, quote poetry, or sing a song that you all like. You can share the romantic message via DVD, e-mail, or package the small camera in a box in a note with the words “press to play”.

So, Use these ideas to celebrate anniversary occasion in covid-19 and let your long-distance lover truly know how special they are to you.

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