Exploring the Major Airports in London

The number itself shows how much traffic the city handles

London is famous for its large number of airports. Such a number does not exist in the world. The city is full of life encompassing many colors of the world. These airports are a necessity for people to get across the border. Otherwise, it would be very difficult for a single airport to handle such a large number of passengers and other cargo flights.

Whenever you want to catch a flight on time you have to reach the place way before the flight time. This happens with a single source of air travel. For a city like London, the airports are busy each day. People travel for business purposes or vacation. In any case, these airports give them chance to enjoy their vacation or go on a business tour without hassle. 

Even among these major airports in London, there is discrimination to the air traffic. The busiest airport is Heathrow, where passenger, as well as cargo traffic, is higher in number. For a big city like London where people are scattered to every part, it makes it easier for them to travel to the airport by cab near them. Following are the airports that distribute a load of different areas well.

London Heathrow Airport, the busiest in London

This airport started in a grass field in 1929. Despite its unpretentious foundation the airport started to expand. At this moment this is the busiest airport in Europe. The ranking in the world for its business is seventh and this is due to its size. Its expansion was not a big deal as the area around it was not occupied. The airport was also used in World War ll for the military but later on, it was opened for the general public as well. There is a lot of passengers as well as cargo activity at the airport. A major part of the trade is done through this port. There are four passengers and one cargo terminal in the airport.

London Gatwick Airport is the second busiest in the city

This one is in the second place when it comes to air traffic handling. The ranking in the world is eighth and there are only two runways constructed. But these two runways are not functional at the same time due to less distance in between. When one is at work the other one is not and it only gets to come into action when there is a closure of the first one due to any reason. The airport is capable of handling passengers as much as they arrive. This airport has all the facilities an airport is supposed to have these days. The most important facility is the money exchange which becomes a necessity when you are traveling from outside the country.

London City Airport aims smaller air crafts

This airport is smaller with one runway only. It is restricted to smaller air crafts. The expansion of the airport is not possible as it is enclosed by harbors on each side. There is a two-story terminal constructed that can handle the number of passengers very well. At peak hours the airport can become very busy and the one who plans to travel through it should reach early to not to miss the flight. The airport is not meant for traveling purposes only, certain events are arranged here and people can come and enjoy with family. These shows are a great means of entertainment for all. So the importance of this airport to London is not less. Even with its smaller area, the airport performs many functions for the city.

London Stansted Airport is multifunctional

This airport is also an important air travel source for the people. There is a large number of flights of an airline Ryanair that offers pocket-friendly travel to different destinations. This airline covers 200 destinations in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. The number of runways is one and there is one terminal. The large size of the runway allows larger planes to operate easily. This airport can handle a big number of passengers as well as private flights. In the beginning, it was a simpler version but over time, the structure has improved to a large extent. Onsite hotels and a spacious car park are available since the last upgrade.

London Luton Airport has the Instrument Landing System

This airport was built for military base purposes. Later on, after World War 2 it was switched for commercial flights. This airport is also a single runway airport. The distinguishing feature is its Instrument Landing System which allows the plane to land even when the visibility is poor. There is a double-storied building comprising 62 desks for check-in to avoid long queues of passengers and the hassle. There are restaurants and shops built to entertain the passengers while waiting for the flight.

London Southend Airport has many facilities within

Again this airport was used as a military base in World War. Then it was turned into a farm. After that, it was renovated as an airport again. After World War ll the airport again became functional and this time for passenger commercial activity. The airport is built to facilitate people coming from near and far. There are coffee shops, lounge, retail, and duty-free shops.

With such a good number of airports, people around the city do not find it difficult to travel by air. The burden on any one is not imposed which makes the situation pretty smooth. Reaching these airports is not an issue as there are many ways of transfer present. Many people do not travel in personal vehicles while going on a trip. To tackle the higher number of passengers the load is divided by offering different ways of airport transfers. No matter small or big every airport is important for its area and provides an easier ad fast way to travel.

So, whenever you are in London and want to travel to Europe or internationally, different airports in the city provide different services. Do take full details if you are new to avoid any future complications.

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