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Comparing a Moissanite Diamond to a Diamond

When comparing a moissanite diamond to a diamond, some people will notice a few differences in the appearance and price. While some people will appreciate the fact that moissanites are created in a lab, others will find the process of making moissanite diamonds unethical. Despite these differences, there are several things you should consider when buying a moissanite diamond. Read on to learn more.

Synthetic moissanite diamond

While a diamond can be difficult to find in nature, synthetic moissanite has become a popular alternative in the jewelry industry. This stone’s toughness is tested against other precious stones. Unlike a diamond, which has a Mohs hardness rating of nine, synthetic moissanite is not scratched, which ruins the stone. Moissanite has a yellow-green hue, and is the equivalent of diamonds ranked J, K, or L. This material has a specific gravity of 3.22, making it equivalent to diamonds of a higher hardness rating.

The difference between a man made diamonds UK and a moissanite is most visible when the stone is held up to the light. Often, the rainbow effect of moissanite is visible under certain light conditions, and is more pronounced in larger stones. This rainbow effect is a key characteristic in separating diamonds and moissanite, and is an important factor in determining which one is more valuable. In addition to the color, moissanite emits a firey flash of color, which can be quite eye-catching. This effect can be a big deal to shoppers, and there are many opinions on the topic.

Price ratio between moissanite diamond and diamond

A ring made of either one can cost much less than the other. Moissanite is around 15% lighter than diamonds and its price ratio increases as the size of the stone rises. A half-carat moissanite is roughly double the price of a 0.5-carat diamond. In fact, the price ratio increases as the size increases, and a 6.5-millimeter moissanite is $850 compared to a 1ct diamond.

Although it does not have inherent material defects, Moissanite is not as beautiful as a diamond. It requires a master craftsman to cut it properly. That cost money and time, and most moissanites are not cut well. While some people appreciate technology and science, others worry about the ethical implication of lab-grown moissanite. While moissanite is more affordable, it’s still not as good as a diamond.

Appearance of moissanite diamond

When it comes to beauty, moissanite has a lot to offer. Its internal structure is similar to that of a diamond, and its sparkle is so intense that you may find it difficult to distinguish it from a diamond. The difference between the two is in the price, which is only one tenth of the cost of a natural diamond. Moissanite rings, for example, will sparkle as brightly as a diamond without being nearly as expensive.

The appearance of moissanite is similar to that of a diamond, though it is not graded. Moissanites are often considered colorless, although they can exhibit green or yellow tints under certain lighting. Nevertheless, they are still not completely colorless, so the difference is less noticeable in smaller stones. However, this difference is more pronounced in larger stones, which can make them difficult to discern from a diamond.

Quality of moissanite diamond

Moissanite is the gem of the future. It is a lab-grown stone that is nearly colorless. The process of creating it is complex and time-consuming. In fact, moissanite is so rare that it is almost impossible to obtain it in nature. This makes lab-grown diamonds an ideal choice for those who are looking for a beautiful stone with little or no color. Unlike diamonds, moissanite is free of foreign materials.

The two primary characteristics of a moissanite diamond are its transparency and refractive index. The former reflects light with an exceptional degree of brilliance and sparkle, while the latter has a weaker refractive index. Compared to diamonds, moissanites are more durable and can be made into consistently perfect cuts. Another difference between a diamond and moissanite is that moissanite is ethically mined.

Cost of moissanite diamond

When it comes to price, the moissanite diamond is a great alternative to a traditional diamond. While it does not have the same sparkle as a real diamond, it is also cheaper. Unlike diamonds, it does not fade or cloud over time. When choosing a moissanite ring, look for a durable metal setting. Platinum or gold are both sturdy metals, and should be used to set the stone. Do not settle for a silver-plated ring because of its price.


The cut of a moissanite diamond determines its price. A good moissanite stone will have good symmetry, which helps light to reflect. Moissanite diamonds are graded based on their symmetry and polish. They are also graded based on their ideal cut proportion. The higher the cut grade, the more expensive the stone. Generally speaking, a moissanite is more expensive if it is cut Very Good. It will appear visually larger than its carat weight.

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