Buying Guide: What Is a Good Gift for Someone Who Likes Basketball?

Giving a basketball jersey as a gift for birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, or other special occasions will bring joy to someone who is into basketball. A jersey is a type of clothing worn by basketball players. In addition to having the player’s last name on the back and the top of the shirt, it also features the player’s chosen number beneath their last name on the front. Surely, the person who will receive the gift will be elated to see his name on the jersey. Another good present might also be a set of tickets to one of their favorite team’s upcoming games, such as those on the Knicks schedule. If you are considering high-quality basketball jerseys, this blog will give you useful information.

Like any other things you buy, there are also tips on how to choose the best jersey. Here are the 5 tips:

Go for a Reversible Jersey

A reversible jersey is one of the most popular types of jersey available today. You can customise it and it can be turned inside out to feature a whole different style. A brilliant idea, indeed! The customisation features allow the person to enjoy different styles in one jersey.

Now, if the individual to whom you are planning to give the gift also plays a lot of sports, having a few extra basketball jerseys may not be enough. So, this reversible jersey is practical. It is also nice to be worn with sports shoes.

Choose an Interlocking Jersey

Another type of jersey to consider is the interlocking style. It is a jersey with a double knit fabric formed from two layers. It has a smooth surface on each side of the garment. Purchasing this type of style merely ensures that both sides of an interlock will be identical in appearance.

Buy the Current NBA Jersey

With so many jerseys available today, it is normal to be indecisive about what kind of jersey to buy. However, buying the current NBA jersey will eliminate your dilemmas.

The Nike-produced jersey is high-quality in every way. Every Nike jersey has demonstrated the company’s unrivalled attention to detail. Beginning with the 2017-2018 NBA season, Nike has created all of the league’s jerseys and became the official league apparel provider.

Ask what their favourite NBA team is

Every person has a particular choice, including a basketball team. So, for that someone to fully appreciate the gift, do some inquiries about their favourite team. Wearing a jersey from their favourite team will make them feel like they are a part of the team. It can even impact their performance if they wear the jersey to a game.

Find out their favourite colour and number

Although technically, when purchasing a jersey inspired by a specific NBA basketball team, the jersey already has a specific colour. However, you should still ask them what their favourite colour is so that you can choose the perfect gift if their favourite team introduces a new jersey design in a variety of colours. 

The next thing to ask is their favourite number. By placing the preferred number on the back of the jersey, you can make it more personalised.

In conclusion, remembering someone on important occasions is a sincere act of demonstrating how much you cherish and love them, regardless of the degree of your relationship with that someone. Moreover, if you are interested in purchasing a jersey, there are many reputable online retailers like Stateside Sports. Such retailers sell a variety of jerseys, including NBA and Major League Baseball jerseys, among other things.


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