Best Italian Wedding and Honeymoon Destinations

Italy is a beautiful country and a much-frequented location for couples getting married abroad or for newlyweds to honeymoon in. The country has a vast array of destinations to choose from; cultural and cosmopolitan cities to relaxed islands and rustica and rural retreats which make it popular for couples of all ages from around the globe. 

One of the greatest benefits of getting married in Italy is that the honeymoon can begin immediately after the exchanging of the vows. Some of the most popular destinations among foreign couples are Lake Garda, Lake Como, Venice, Florence and Sicily. Each of these locations offer a unique experience that would be perfect for both a destination wedding or a memorable honeymoon.  

Read on to discover the different destinations you could choose as your wedding or honeymoon destination so you can easily decide which one is right for you.

Lake Garda

Lake Garda this is a beautiful lake in northern Italy. The area enjoys excellent weather most of the year. It is known for its picturesque fishing villages and beautiful landscapes making it a great place for a destination wedding. 

A Lake Garda wedding venue vary from romantic hotels or private villas. Malcesine is one of the most popular resorts for weddings in Lake Garda. It is close to the shores of the lake from serene views on your big day or the perfect spot to enjoy a romantic meal with your loved one while on honeymoon.

Lake Como

Lake Como is another of Italy’s most famous lakes with beautiful scenery and stunning villas that could be used for your wedding or as a honeymoon resort. It would make for an idyllic wedding location for those seeking a glamourous ceremony and reception. 

Lake Como is the perfect spot for those who enjoy a luxurious and romantic vacation as it is especially popular among Hollywood A-listers. 


The third setting is the city of Venice. It is another popular place for romantics to get married. It is a unique and romantic city known for its waterways and a perfect traditional gondola ride. 

It is very accessible to travellers from abroad due to it proximity to two busy international airports meaning there will be little travel required by wedding guests once they arrive in Italy. 

There are plenty of options available for the wedding celebrations, such as charming boutique hotels, top-class restaurants for those planning a more intimate day.  

The city has a fantastic mix of museums, art, food, and crafts to enjoy throughout a honeymoon with the option to take trips to nearby cities such as Verona, Padua and Treviso. 


The final place utterly perfect for both a destination wedding and a honeymoon is the island of Sicily This island is famous for its beautiful beaches, dramatic and rugged landscape and amazing food and wine making it a great location for loved up couples. 

Towns like Taormina and Siracusa which are both famous for their magnificent beaches and rich cultural heritage will provide ample views and scenery to take your breath away and are the perfect setting for a wedding.

Sicily can also offer honeymooners a variety of activities, for those who love to unwind on the beach, there are lots of opportunities to island hop. Similarly, those who enjoy the great outdoors can enjoy hiking Mount Etna, the islands active volcano. 

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