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Advertising on Instagram: A Quick Guide

About 40% of Americans use Instagram regularly. Most people under 30 years old turn to the platform to inspire them to live a better life.

Many people dream of being the next big Instagram influencer that rakes in millions from advertisers.

Instagram advertising presents a huge opportunity to reach this audience and create a loyal following. More importantly, they’ll buy from your brand if it resonates with them.

Social media advertising on Instagram isn’t that simple. You have to create a campaign that truly connects with your audience.

Read on to discover the top social media advertising tips to make the most out of Instagram.

1.Develop Your Campaign Goals

Why do you want to advertise on Instagram? There isn’t a right or wrong answer to this question. This helps you set the tone for the rest of the campaign.

You could advertise to create brand awareness, sell your services, or build your following.

2.Create Your Audience and Your Message

You have to know about your audience before you advertise. This is where you have to match your goals to the rest of the campaign.

If you’re growing your brand, you need to know why someone would follow you. For someone to purchase a product or service, you have to know how your business helps them.

3.Design Scroll-Stopping Visuals

Think like your potential audience. They’re scrolling Instagram to find something interesting. You have to give them a reason to stop scrolling.

Make sure the images or video you use captures their attention in a split second. Make them curious so they have to stop and read the text.

4.Get Credibility

When people see your ads, they’ll want to learn more about your business. They’ll check out your bio and see how many followers you have. They’ll look at your previous posts to see if people like them or not.

Like it or not, they’ll make a judgment based on those numbers. Many like to follow the crowd, and if they see that your account has a lot of likes and followers, they’ll follow along.

Get automatic Instagram likes to build up your credibility as you build your organic following.

5.Set Up Your Instagram Campaign

Make sure your Instagram is set up as a business account. You’ll connect Facebook to your Instagram page because the ad dashboard is set up through Facebook Business Manager.

From there, you’ll create your campaign goals, text, and upload images. You’ll also set up your target audience and budget. Submit the ads for approval and let the campaign run.

Social Media Advertising on Instagram

Instagram advertising is one of the best ways to connect your brand to your potential customers. Getting social media advertising isn’t always easy.

You have to know your audience, create the right visuals and message, and align your campaign with your business goals.

Follow the tips in this article, and you’ll find social media marketing to be easy. Visit the home page of this site for more tips to grow your social media accounts.

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