7 Essential Video Conference Tips for Beginners

Understanding the logistics of video conferencing is something we’re only beginning to learn. While this has become a method for many businesses and schools over the past couple of years it is still a relatively new endeavor. Guidelines, rules, and help aren’t always easy to come by. 

Many questions come up when you’re using any type of video system for meetings. How do you know what works and what doesn’t? This is why we have video conferencing tips for you. 

If you’ve been struggling to figure out how to use these systems there’s hope! With these video conference tips, you’ll be an expert at your next meeting. 

  1. Dress to Impress Anyway

Just because you aren’t in person with your audience does not mean you shouldn’t still put on appropriate attire. Your clothing choices still matter. Your camera is connecting you with your audience.

Don’t wear pajamas in your conference or your interview. You are still face-to-face with your audience to make an impression. They will be looking at you throughout the process and evaluating your progress. 

Be sure when you’re choosing your clothes you pick an outfit that is appropriate for a business meeting. This will even help to remind you that it isn’t a casual sit-down.  

  1. Have a Non Distracting Background 

Picking your space carefully is important. You want to find an area that gives a professional feeling. Somewhere you can dedicate your full attention to the conference that is taking place. 

Choose an office or somewhere with a background that won’t lead to distractions. You wouldn’t turn a television on while you were at work, there is no reason to have one on during your conference. Your setting will allow you to give your full attention to the meeting. 

Depending on the area you choose, your audience will also be visually aware of your surroundings. This is another reason that you don’t want to have distractions around you the camera can pick up. 

  1. Be Sure You’re in a Quiet Space 

Having quiet is a principal part of having both focus and attention. If you have a space that has too much noise you’re going to miss important things that are being discussed. 

One of the best video conference call tips is to schedule your meeting when no one else is home. Pick a time of day when you can have total silence other than the call itself. You don’t want to have to ask your audience to repeat themselves. 

Video conferencing has grown exponentially over the years. Mistakes in location do happen, but it’s important to take precautions. 

  1. Work Software Ahead of Time

Having technological problems happen to most people. It’s easy to have trouble running software when you don’t know the program. One of the best tips for presenting via video conference is to run your software first. 

Be sure that you’re familiar with how to use your video program. Do a couple of test runs with other people. Make sure that you know how to turn your video and sound on. 

Depending on the program and camera you’re using you may need to sync your audio. Many of these programs are user-friendly. You just need to make sure that you know how to use it to get started. 

  1. Close All Other Websites

There are times that websites that are open in the backgrounds of our computers start playing music out of nowhere. This could be a detrimental issue if you’re in the middle of a conference and music starts. By closing your browsers you eliminate this from occurring. 

Close the browsers to use less energy. When you have too many browsers open and files going to slow down the memory on your computer. This could make your video conferencing run slower than it should. 

To keep your computer running at its best speeds close down all other applications that aren’t needed for your conference. 

  1. Use Your Hands as Tools

In ordinary presentations, your hands are typically drawn to the person speaking. If you’re moving your hands around or fixing your clothes you might pull the other person’s attention elsewhere. 

To maintain eye contact and focus stay conscious of where your hands are while you’re speaking. You could even use your hands to gesture and emphasize points that you hope to get across. Always be conscious of what you’re doing with your hands during the interview. 

By doing this, you prove your confidence in what you’re speaking about. 

  1. Have the Right Equipment 

To have a great conference or meeting, you need equipment that is going to work correctly. if this is going to become part of your job it might be worth your time to invest in proper equipment. Be sure that you have a way to get clear video and audio. 

For many individuals, the computer’s built-in camera will not pick up lighting very easily. You may want to be closer to natural light so that your audience can see you better. 

Be sure to keep all of these areas in mind before you begin your video conference call. This is why it is best to do a trial run and make sure all of your equipment is working before starting your meeting. 

These Video Conference Tips Will Help You

Use these video conference tips during your next meeting and make it a successful one. Setting up these remote conferences and interviews is a new venture in business. It is also a venture that will prove to be a successful one. 

For more help with running your business or even a bit of entertainment news, we’ve got you. Look through our blogs for more information about everyday day life. We’ve got almost everything you might be looking for. 

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