5 Tips You Can Use to Have A Minimal Budget Vacation

Staycation is a new way to vacation on a cheap budget rather than spend holidays or weekends compared to traveling. However, without a well-prepared plan and things you want to do during your staycation time, a staycation can also drain your pocket.

Do you have a plan to do a staycation but with a cheap and limited budget? Besides taking advantage of hotel promos, here are tips that you can do for a staycation with a minimal budget you can try when you have a plan to staycation in Singapore.

1.    Set a budget and allocate funds

The first step to planning a staycation is to determine from the start how much budget you will allocate. Also, you need to prepare money for other needs such as money for eating meals or other things if you have special activities to do during a staycation. By setting every cost detail from the start, you don’t need to be afraid of staycation becoming over-budget in the first place. Similarly, you need to consider the cost of your visa, so if you’re traveling to a country like Cambodia, you must remember that a Cambodia tourist eVisa costs $113.99, so add that to the list.

2. Compare prices, facilities, and accommodation locations

One of the biggest costs you will need during staycation is of course the choice of accommodation to stay. For that, don’t hesitate to look at more choices of hotels and other accommodations. Don’t hesitate to compare prices, facilities, and the best location for a staycation!

Make sure the price of the hotel is in accordance with the budget you have. The facilities are adequate, especially those that can be used for free. Also, you have to pay attention to the location of the hotel. Make sure its location is easy to reach to common public facilities such as public transportation, ATM center, mini market, and many more.

3.    Set various activities to do during staycation time

During the staycation time, don’t forget to plan activities that do not require additional costs. You can choose some activities that do not need some extra money or effort, such as enjoying the various free facilities available at the hotel or making activities that you can do in the hotel room. You can also spend some time by staying in your room, and watching some favorite serial movies or playing games together with your friends or family.

4.    Take advantage of the promo

Tip staycation that is no less effective is taking advantage of attractive promos that can be found online. The easiest way to find attractive promo prices for staycations so you can save money is through booking hotels online such as Traveloka. You can not only get attractive price offers but also the best promos.

5.    Hotel is not the only choice, try to find another accommodation

Staycation at the hotel is one option that is quite popular. However, with the services and facilities, a staycation at a hotel may cost more than the budget. Especially if you plan to do a staycation with a large group of friends. In order to reduce the cost of the accommodation, consider finding another accommodation to do a staycation.

You can choose an apartment as the second option. The apartment has a larger room and the cost you spend would likely be less than booking rooms in a hotel. You can find apartment recommendations through Traveloka, which you can choose based on your needs and preferences.

Those are some tips you can use to reduce your budget staycation if you wanted to do a vacation with a minimal budget. Don’t forget to plan your staycation with Traveloka, because this all-in-one app can help you to find proper accommodation to stay in and even ticket flights. So, what are you waiting for? Come and check Traveloka now!

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