4 Lasting Tips to Storing Oil for Beards

Oil for Beards

Did you know that women find beards more attractive than clean-shaven faces, according to one study?

To be specific, the women who rated pictures preferred beards when considering long-term relationships rather than short-term ones. With that in mind, it’s important to make your beard oil last as long as possible.

Are you wondering what you need to do? Keep reading to learn all about 4 lasting tips for storing oil for beards.

1. Smaller Containers Are Better

Even the best jars for beard oil need to be stored in the correct way so that they won’t go bad sooner than expected. One way you can ensure the freshness of your beard oil is by storing it in a small container.

Buying a bulky beard oil bottle is fine if you can save money on the overall cost, but you should pour the oil into smaller containers after you get it. The benefit of this is that it will reduce the amount of times the oil is exposed to air.

Every time you open a container, air will get in and start reducing the effectiveness of your oil, which is why it’s best to keep large quantities separate.

2. Protect Your Oil From Light

Aside from air exposure, light can also work against the shelf life of your beard oil. Ultraviolet light is the most damaging type and can quickly break down the molecules that make your beard oil effective.

Make sure your oil is stored in a place that doesn’t get a lot of exposure to light. You can also apply your beard oil using a dropper made from darker glass. This will reflect UV light instead of absorbing it.

3. Keep the Oil Away From Moisture

To extend the expiration date of your beard oil, water is yet another element that you should be wary of. Taking a shower will make a humid environment in which moisture can leak into your product.

If you use the product after a shower, then even more water will get inside. It’s best to keep your beard oil jar stored in a place that’s always dry.

4. Avoid Heat When Possible

If you live in a place with a hot climate, such as Florida, then that could work against the longevity of your carrier oil. You’ll be glad to know that a cooler climate, such as New Hampshire, will work much more in your favor.

No matter where you live, it’s best to find a cool place in your home to store the oil.

Storing Oil for Beards Is Easy

Now that you’ve learned all about 4 lasting tips for storing oil for beards, you can make sure your products last as long as possible. That way, you can always keep your beard feeling refreshed and itch-free.

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