4 Digital Watches for Girls to Ace that Athleisure Look

Dressing down is the new dressing up. Or so the story goes. Our busy schedules, increasing health consciousness, and relaxed dressing sense often have us thinking about what to wear on a regular basis. Even though comfort and versatility are important to us, none of us wishes to compromise on style. This has given rise to the athleisure movement, a more relaxed manner of dressing that combines sportswear with ready-to-wear, blurring the borders between gym clothes and bar clothes. 

When we say athleisure wear, we do not just mean a trendy pair of sneakers, comfy joggers, and an oversized hoody. We also mean accessories, especially watches. The streetwear trend has transcended from clothes and trickled into the world of watchmaking, and brands have responded by creating digital watches for girls who wish to ace the laidback, stylish, ‘girl on the go’ look. Now we are sure you have already seen your favourite celebrities and Instagram models and influencers rocking athleisure digital watches for girls and acing that street style look. And if we are not wrong, you are here looking for some athleisure digital watches for girls for yourself.

Well then, let us not wait and get right into our top digital watches for girls to channel those athleisure vibes.

Cotton Candy Blue

Nothing beats the look of OG digital watches for girls. Show off your streetwear fit with this one-of-a-kind retro watch that will quickly make you appear both unusual and stylish. This ultra-stylish one-of-a-kind digital watch for girls will make a statement with your attire no matter where you travel. This is not your average digital watch. It is made for folks with an utterly unique sense of style. To add an exclusive yet amusing aspect to your athleisure look, pair this cotton candy-coloured watch with it.

Trendy Navy

Smartwatches are like the Gen Z of digital watches for girls. And if blue is your colour, this sporty smartwatch will make the perfect addition to your athleisure fit. Associate yourself with an elite sense of style along with a hint of fun with this ‘upgraded’ version digital watch for girls that will effortlessly blend in with all your outfits, and not just your athletic apparel. Moreover, it comes loaded with features like 24×7 heart rate monitoring, a 1.69” HD colour display, built-in Alexa, and many more.

Double Attack Black

Like we said before, smartwatches and smart bands are the new generation of digital watches for girls. This dual-toned blue fitness band is a notable example of an elegant digital watch for girls. With its unique design, it has the ability to capture the attention of your Instagram followers. It not only adds to the “WOW” factor of your outfit but also boasts of the best sensors for accurately measuring BPM. It offers a great two-tone display with a gorgeous and contemporary design.

Retro Purple

If you enjoy playing around with assorted styles, we suggest pairing this purple digital watch for girls with your next street style look. Not a regular digital watch, this timepiece is designed for those who have an amazingly peculiar taste in fashion. And with its super sporty design, it will undoubtedly be the perfect addition to your Instagram baddie fit.

This selection of digital watches for girls is crafted to make you stand out. They are significantly more fun and sportier, and that is exactly what makes them the perfect accessory for pairing with the athleisure outfit. So, get on your browsers of reputed brands such as Fastrack and Titan, get shopping, and grab the best deals on digital watches for girls.

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