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3 Sure Warning Signs You Need a New Roof

Different roofing materials come with pros and cons and one of them is the price-to-durability ratio. The lifespan of your roof could be anywhere between 20 and 50 years, depending on the type of construction and shingles used.

However, not all roofs will last as long as you expect. In other words, the calendar isn’t the only tell-tale sign that you need a new roof.

Your roof is an integral structural component of your home. It helps to protect your interior, increase your safety, and improve your overall property value. If it’s time to replace your roof, don’t wait for things to get worse!

How can you tell that it’s time to replace your old roof? Read on for three clear signs.

1. Your Roof Isn’t Right for Your Home or Climate

It’s possible that the last roof installation on your property wasn’t the right fit. Maybe the appearance of the roof doesn’t align well with the rest of the property and it’s impacting your property value. Worse still, it could be the wrong fit for your climate and isn’t holding up under your typical weather patterns.

Roofing companies tend to specialize in specific materials or styles of roofing. For example, you may find that working with flat roof contractors is a better fit for your home than what you have now. Explore your options and make an informed decision before installing a new roof.

2. You’re Noticing Water Damage in Your Home

Water damage on the uppermost floor of your home (whether that’s an attic or a finished living space) is a good indicator that your roof has hit its limit. When water starts leaking through your roof, it means that there’s something wrong with the shingle underlayment or the flashing.

Water damage that isn’t mitigated can lead to severe structural issues and health issues. Getting a new roof ASAP is the best way to avoid costly repairs and remodels down the road.

3. You Can See Visible Damage

Are your shingles starting to fall off, crack, or sit at strange angles? Did you notice exposed nails the last time you inspected your roof? Is the roof sagging in certain areas?

At first, visible damage to your roof may seem minor and easy to ignore. The problem is that while roofing is comprised of multiple components, all of them need to remain intact in order for your roof to function. Once there’s a small amount of damage, the door is open for problems to increase.

If you catch visible damage early enough, you may get away with some simple roof repairs. However, it will take a professional roof contractor to assess the extent of the damage.

Don’t Hold Off on Getting a New Roof

Your roof is one of the most important elements of your home. If you need a new roof, don’t delay. Investing in a new roof is the best way to rack up outrageous bills down the line.

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